Kelly Rainbow Butterfly

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Kelly Butterfly is an author, editor, and publisher for Rainbow Butterfly Publications and the Sasquatch Message to Humanity channeled book series. She is in service to others as a Public Speaker, Rainbow Reiki Practitioner, Marketing Specialist and heARTist specializing in positive-energy generating Orgonite and jewelry. Kelly is a multidimensional accelerator, medium and clairvoyant and facilitates others to innerstand their galactic and karmic heritage and offers personal readings with the crystal skull Mihunka.

Since 2012, Kelly has been in active communication with multidimensional beings such as Star Elders, Sasquatch People, Inner Earth beings, Ancestors and nature spirits. She has learned and practiced sacred ways from divine sources and several Native American Elders and shamans.

In 2012, she was given the spirit name Walks with Four (meaning Four Directions, Four Winds, Four Seasons, Four Corners, Four Races, etc) from Hunkpapa Lakota Sioux Elder Rain-In-The-Face. In 2014, her Cherokee ancestors gifted her with the name Rainbow Butterfly and in 2020, a Blackfoot Elder gave her the name Chinté (meaning the beautiful rainbow horizon overlooking the mountains).

Kelly practices and teaches some native cultural traditions and ceremonies as they have been taught to her by indigenous elders. She is also a Doctor of Metaphysics and a Minister of the Universal Life Church and is available to serve for weddings, funerals, ceremonies, and clearings.

In 2019, Kelly founded the Children of Earth Coalition (COEC), an alliance of world-wide community members committed to the regeneration of Earth and all Living Beings. The COEC's goal is to develop spirit and nature-based educational programs, events and WHOLEistic healing centers. COEC is a tree with many branches of outreach and education such as:

Sasquatch Family Reunion and Sacred Spirit Events -

Sasquatch Message to Humanity and other publications -

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